Senior Housing
Real Estate & Design
While an excellent operator is critical to success, real estate and design play a much more important role for consumers making senior housing choices. Today's seniors are well-informed and sophisticated -- as are their children, who are very involved in the decision-making. Most existing products do not meet this new generation of seniors' standards in terms of location within markets or design, creating opportunity for BRP-SH, which targets only class A sites and class A design. The result is more expensive product with rents above the existing market, a top of the market segment that to date has been served only by entrance fee CCRCs.

At this point in the cycle, demand for high quality, well located product exceeds supply and most markets have the potential to easily absorb an additional 120 to 350 units. BRP-SH pursues real estate locations that are on major roadways with high visibility, and that are surrounded by hospitals, medical offices, universities and retail shopping. These prime sites are hard to find: most existing zoning codes do not contain a classification for senior housing, which requires property be rezoned, and there is competition from multi-family developers for these sites. With its principals' 30 years of experience and deep contacts throughout the U.S., BRP-SH is well positioned to find sites that can accommodate senior housing.

Project design -- both inside and out -- is equally important. While very few organizations have used large, prestigious architectural firms to design their projects, BRP taps only top firms including Los Angeles-based Gensler Architects.